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What can I do to help your business today? With over 20 years of experience advising business leaders on a variety of topics - we've got a lot of experience to offer.


Business Advising

Has your business exploded?  Now you’re unsure of how to manage the volume, people, and tasks.  You can’t do it all and somehow you keep going?

Julie works with business owners to establish systems, strategies and to develop leadership and management skills.  Check out the Business Coaching page for more information now!

Breakthrough Your Limitations

Is your life at a standstill?  Same job, same career, relationship issues?  You’re stuck….  You see people around you moving forward – and you seem to be standing still.  It seems like you take three steps forward and four steps back.  You’re frustrated, tired, and sick of watching everyone around you pass you by.

Take your life to the next level right now and check out my Breakthrough Coaching Program!

Other Services and Events

Julie is a Keynote Speaker and frequently hosts webinars, live events, webinars, retreats and workshops.  Follow us on Facebook to be the first to know when the next events are scheduled.

Michelle Leidy-Franklin
Love JBN Global Solutions. Julie has helped the non-profit that I work for increase membership and event planning. She
Heidi Howard
I love working with Julie! She has helped me clear some cobwebs and old patterns that were getting in
As a small business owner you are always trying to find how to make your business more profitable and